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Works on Paper, Wood, Skin

New York-based Anna Melo always has the art world wondering what she is going to do next. Her works - on paper and wood- are highly original and are gaining increasing attention on the international stage.  She is a much sought after tattooer worldwide, known for her traditional Japanese style tattoos.

"My first passion has always been painting.  As a small child I used to love to come home after a long day of playing outside, run to my little watercolor set and paint everything that happened that day.  Being a classically trained oil painter I had a bit of an adjustment to make to grasp this style of painting, but it has become one my favorite ways of expressing myself.  Here is a collection of works on paper, all paintings are done on Arches Watercolor paper with FW Liquid Acrylic paints.  For larger scale works I usually do a thumbnail sketch just to work out the composition and begin with a light sketch directly on paper.  I work out all the details as they come to me.  I feel like this way I design more organically and on the spur of the moment.  Unlike tattoo designs, for which I work out the complete design before I start the work."  Anna.

"Here is a a small collection of my flash designs, examples ranging from 3/4 sleeves, half sleeves and one point designs all in the Japanese Style.  Painting flash is one of my most favorite things, I love coming up with designs that are fun, unique and meant specifically for skin." Anna.

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